I am a survivor of domestic violence (my previous marriage) and an adult child of a generational alcoholic family.

During seminary, I sensed a nudge to tell my story – with the hope that someone out there going through tough times might know they are not alone.

My purpose is not to denigrate anyone who may have caused me trauma (including myself), but to draw attention to the hope and healing that I have found as I have leaned into recovery – taking a journey filled with switchbacks (ugh) and sunrises (ahh).

My prayer for us all is that from our wounds we may find peace.

Cristine is an ordained minister, serving in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) as an other-ministry pastor. She earned a Master of Divinity degree from Phillips Theological Seminary in Tulsa OK. Prior to seminary, Cristine worked as a high school math teacher, leaning on her previous career as a software engineer. She has returned to teaching school after a 5 year journey in pastoral ministry.

Cristine’s Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science still comes in handy when her students need help rebooting their Chromebooks or uploading an assignment.