What are we watching for? #UnmuteYourself Mark 13:33

The temple will fall, Jesus said. When, his disciples asked. When everything goes haywire, he said.

And, then? You better be watching. You better be alert. Because what you thought you knew? What you thought things were supposed to be like? It will all get turned upside down. And you will be deceived. And you will be betrayed. And you will suffer.

And you will have chances to boldly claim the good news. In the midst of pandemics. In the midst of divisive elections. In the midst of protests and riots and the dismantling of white supremacy. In the midst of the “church” clinging to power, and greed, and death-dealing policies and structures.

What are we watching for?

If we follow the ways of Jesus, there can be NO ABUNDANCE OF CAUTION to sharing the good news. What is that, you ask?

The good news that God is NOT vicious, power-crazed, and zapping us with lightning bolts every chance God gets. The good news that God is for the oppressed, the lonely, the poor, the stranger. The good news that God is with people on the edges of the center – those of us who do not fit the narrative of what is “perfect.”

The good news that you are loved beyond measure. That you matter. That you are accepted as you are. That you were created with care, affection, and joy.

When people with destructive power say you will never belong and you don’t matter, God says – hold my holy water, I got you.

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Photo by Cam Bradford on Unsplash