Red Rock Girl Scout camp in southwestern Oklahoma is one of my thin places on the earth. I spent a handful of weeks in the summer there when I lived in Edmond during middle school. My troop was lit – we camped, we worked, we learned, we served, and we spent summer camp at Red Rock.

The first year I went, the counselors took silly names and we didn’t discover their real names until the last day. Many of our counselors were former Scouts who were now college students and needed summer jobs to help pay bills. Jaimie was one of them. Although she never seemed preppy, that’s the nickname she took – Preppie.

Sunshine flowed from her. Music sang from her. Energy vibrated from her. There was nothing she couldn’t do and nothing she wouldn’t do for us – recently out of 7th grade girls from all over Oklahoma. How she managed to put up with us and love us nevertheless astounds me. Nothing spectacular occurred those two weeks – other than I KNEW Preppie wanted me there.

Today I give thanks for Jaimie – for modeling radically inclusive and honest welcome.

In placing a link for Camp Red Rock, I just learned that it closed in 2010 as part of a camp consolidation effort. All the feels … now I am on a mission to find my photos of camp. I’ll post them here eventually.