Her name is Sarah – Day 12 Thankful Diary November 2020

Twelve has always had a special meaning for Sarah. So it is fitting that on Nov 12, I give thanks for her.

My mini-me has grown into a trusted companion for life’s journey. She suffered abuse at the hands of her bio father, as I did. But recovering from parental abuse is different than recovering from spousal abuse. Sarah has taught me to listen, to not fix, to just be with her on her journey.

Then, in our moments of shared safety and relaxation, Sarah and I get to hike and camp and birdwatch together. We love trying out new restaurants and spots with cool vibes. With a shared passion for justice, we also learn how to dismantle white supremacy and patriarchy together, from varied viewpoints – which makes my growth that much richer.

Today, I am grateful for my middle child – for in the mirror of her eyes, I not only see myself becoming but see her bloom.

Photo by Sarah, at Roaring River State Park in southwestern Missouri. She is the one on the far left.