Her name is Susie – Day 7 Thankful Diary November 2020

Susie is my third child – and if her birth taught me anything, it was that she would be different than her older two siblings and challenge me in ways I would not expect.

Susie’s childhood and teen years forced me – an extrovert off the charts – to learn how to interact and honor introversion. As she and I healed from our years of living with an abuser, she taught me how to communicate in healthy ways – and to honor her journey of recovery as well as my own. Susie and math don’t get along. That was rough to discover, y’all!

I also learned to let Susie be herself, as her artistic talents and gifts began to shine. Her ballet training was not mine. Her art skills are not mine. Her ability to sense when a person is hurting is not mine. I love ballet and danced for a while, I have art skills, and am empathetic. But Susie is not my clone – nor do I want her to be. She taught me to let her fly on her own.

Today, on her birthday, I give thanks for my daughter Susie. For our shared joys and loves and for sharing the struggles and heartaches – for knowing that I have an adult daughter I can truly call a wonderful friend.