Her name is Dayna– Day 5 Thankful Diary November 2020

Moving to Kansas proved difficult – the state refused my Texas teaching certification because I achieved it through alternative certification. I spent 2 years floundering, wondering how to regain the joy and wonder I experienced teaching. I was miserable.

An opening for teaching math came up at Buhler High School and I went for it – expecting nothing. Dayna, the assistant superintendent at the time, not only let me know I got the job, but assisted me in fighting the state for my licensing. Then – she also led a spectacular mentoring program – so I got to grow under her nurturing guidance for three years. When I second-guessed everything I was trying to do, she steered me back on course. She kept in touch with me as I took 10 more hours of grad school to satisfy KS’s requirements.

Somehow Dayna saw what I could become and she set out to help me.

Even when I took a 5 year journey to seminary and pastoral ministry – after 9 years of teaching, she stayed connected through Facebook. And now that I am back to teaching, her leadership and vision guides me all these years later.

Today, I give thanks for Dayna – for the opportunities, the guidance, and belief she had in me, and her steadfast encouragement.